Tongue Pictures


An Ode to Jill...

This was the pic that started Jill's quest for a tongue picture from everyone (Dave preparing for his role as step-dad)
And I do mean everyone, huh Mitzi?
The bride at her best
Aunt Cindy proves photographer's know how to pose
Uncle Ed looks down on us
Pops is thrilled
Aunt Ruby giving all the tongue she's got
Matt takes the side road
 Katie with serious tongue
Kristi shows what college can do
Aunt Leslie shows the effects of a high-school vice-principal job
Karen feeling the effects of third graders
Marilee after two decades of preschoolers
Nanna recalling bussing kids
Sunny showing us Korean style
Dustin reeling from driving Zack's Boxer S
Jill and Katie show team effort, or at least Katie does
And cousin Larry thought he wasn't going to have any part of this foolishness
Jill, however, shows us all up, especially animated


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